And so it is.

My first glimpse of Sri Lanka was from the aircraft. Having forgotten to carry a book amidst all the hustle-bustle of carrying and checking in multiple bags, I was on my third perusal of the surprisingly well-written JetWings magazine when I happened to look out at the exact moment the plane was flying over the little strip of ocean between India and Sri Lanka. It’s an amazing sight – one I haven’t been lucky enough to see before: bright blue ocean meets vibrant green land. It’s all very Google-maps, except it’s actually right under you!

What struck me right away (and I venture to say that it’s probably what strikes most folks) about Sri Lanka was the green. From the plane, the island is a mass of tree tops and dense foliage. Once you land at Bandaranaike International Airport and drive out, the island seems to be bursting with trees and plants. Even if you come from a fairly green city, chances are the tropical, singing, shining greenery will take your breath away.

Colombo, despite being the commercial capital, is densely covered with palms and banyans and banana trees and all manner of beautiful coastal flora and fauna. The best part is that it rains every few days so there’s never enough time for the trees to start looking dusty and stooped; everything is constantly rejuvenated.

The fact that most Sri Lankans are friendly and generous with their smiles made me feel even better about my new home. Resplendent Serendip, I look forward to getting to know you better!